Want to Advertise with Whammo! Online Advertising?

Each Whammo! Online advertisement includes a clickable screen shot image of your web site, business profile & contact details. Before creating your Whammo! business page we will research your industries leading keyword phrases and include them in the search engine optimisation efforts for your Whammo! ad.

Feature List

* Your own Whammo! web address. Eg; (www.yourbusiness.whammo.com.au)
* Expert search engine optimisation is included on your Whammo! advertisement
* Quarterly web site statistic reports which shows the performance of your Whammo! Advertising
* No web hosting costs
* No domain name registration costs with our setup
* FREE Rapid Submit inclusion into the Iti.com.au Web Directory. ($199.95 Value)
* 10% discount on my Freelance SEO services

Freelance SEO Iti.com.au Web Directory

Please e-mail advertise@whammo.com.au if you wish to discuss advertising your business on Whammo!